The Australasian Economics Olympiad

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Congratulations to all those who participated in the 2023 AAEO! You can see details and photos from the event here, and we look forward to a fantastic competition in 2024!


This details the competition format as it was delivered in 2023. There may be slight changes for 2024.

Round 1 (Individual)

While in their home country, participants will respond to four extended response questions. This work will be submitted for grading and will contribute to students' overall performance in the AAEO.

The questions will require students to apply elements of economic theory and logic to current economic developments. Students will complete their responses via an online platform while supervised virtually by the AAEO organising committee.

Round 2 (Team)

Each team representing its own country will be asked to create a presentation that sets out policy options to address an economic challenge in a country from the region. The presentations will be judged on their use of economic theory and logic, the clarity of their reasoning, and the quality of their explanations of how the proposed policy options may increase social welfare and may be evaluated in future against this goal.

All participants will be informed of the policy area serving as the focus for the team round before they depart their home country. This will allow students to undertake some preliminary research before they commence the team round.


Students will be graded on both rounds of the competition, with the top three students receiving gold, silver, and bronze medals.

About Us

The Australasian Economics Olympiad is a collaborative outreach initiative that brings national high school Economics Olympiad winners from the Australasian region together in person, in Sydney. Participants compete individually on their knowledge of economics in Round 1, and in Round 2 country teams compete on their proposals to address a pressing economic policy question faced by all countries. Participants share their love of economics while also visiting major Australian economics institutions and engaging in a challenging and exciting competition. May the team that best wields the tools of economics win!

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If your country is interested in joining the AAEO, or learning more, please contact our chief liason officer, Jacob Samuel.

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